Qualified teams for the VRL France UpAndDown : Revolution

The second split of the VRL France ended with Team Vitality's coronation. Finishing last and second to last in the ranking, Valar Morghulis and OG were to go through the Up&Down tournament for the next season. However, only the former will be present, asOG has decided to withdraw from the competition.

Initially, the promotional tournament was supposed to host six teams: the four best teams from the Open Tour France and the two worst teams from the VRL. With the departure of OG, there will only be five teams competing.

Thus, Valar Morghulis will face Only Top Players, Zerance, Atletec and Amazing. The latter qualified by finishing in the TOP4 of the OTF 2022: Finals. This final French amateur tournament ended with a clear victory for Only Top Players, against Atletec.

The Up&Down phase will take place very soon. The first meeting should take place on 18th August, and the Grand Final, on 21st. The two rosters that make it to this last fight will get their place in the VRL France. They will join Mandatory and the other teams still in the running.

The matches will be broadcast live. To watch, simply go to the League's Twitch channel. See you on 18th August!