The official hoodie of the Copenhagen Masters 2

For the first Masters of the year, Riot Games put on sale a official hoodie for the event, called "AURORA-01". For the Masters 2, a new hoodie is already available for sale under the name of " AURORA-02".

While a new collection Valorant has just gone on sale in the online shop, the publisher is now offering a new collector hoodie for the Masters 2 in Copenhagen. Like the AURORA-01, the AURORA-02 is a limited edition and will only be available in 800 copies.

Masters Hoodie 2

Each sweatshirt has been hand dyed in a purple gradient, which means that each design is unique. These sweatshirts are quite dark, and have the VCT logo printed on the heart, as well as a VCT 22 Stage 2 Masters monogram on the back.

If you wish to obtain the AURORA-02, you will have to pay €95. Also, don't hang around, as there won't be enough for everyone. However, be aware that you will not receive it immediately, as you can simply pre-order the article for the time being.