Valorant's Night Market Returns Soon

You missed the Reaver bundle, Chronovoid or Ion 2.0 when they were released? Would you really like to shine on the battlefield with one of these skins or simply complete your cosmetic collection? This may soon be possible thanks to the Night Market. It will come back in-game on 8th December to 5th January .

If you started playing Valorant recently, it is likely that you have never heard of the Night Market. Don't panic, we'll explain how it works. To put it simply, it's an ephemeral shop, in addition to the one that's always there. It offers you a chance to get skins from previous collections.

Unlike the bundles offered in the shop, the content of your Night Market is unique. For example, you may get Melee Weapons, Marshals and Vandals, while other players may get skins for the Classic, Judge or Operator. Furthermore, the rarity level of each of the skins is completely random. The interest of the Night Market lies in the interesting promotions it offers. You could, for example, buy the Classic 'Punishment' for 525VP, which is 40% off.

When active, the Market is visible through a small map on the top right on your screen; click on it. A new window will open and show you 6 cards face down.

Night market: hidden cards
If it looks different, that's normal - it's the old interface.

To reveal the contents of the market, you only need to click on each card.

Night Market: revealed cards
If it looks different, that's normal - it's the old interface.

The Night Markets are temporary. As announced on Valorant's social networks, the next session will be active from 8th December to 5th January. If the skins you are looking for are present, don't wait too long, or you may have to wait a while longer...

Apart from the Night Market, it is also possible to buy time-limited bundles of skins via the shop. The brand new collection Abyssal is available for another thirteen days.