The Valorant night market returns in June 2023

Skins have been in the spotlight recently: last week, Riot Games unveiled the Magepunk 3.0 collection, today the official accounts announced the return of the Night Market. Cosmetics fans have a lot to look forward to! From 7th to 27th June , they'll also have the chance to pick up skins from previous bundles to add to their collection.

What is the Night Market?

As a new player, you may not yet have had the chance to try out the Night Market, just as you probably don't know what it's all about. Don't worry, we're here to explain it to you. This market is a shop added to the game for a limited time, in addition to the normal one. Unlike the general shop, this one allows you to buy skins from past collections. The level of rarity of each cosmetic offered for sale is completely random.

Another important advantage of the Night Market is that it offers discount cosmetics. The discount rate varies from one weapon to another, but in all cases you'll be a winner. For example, in a previous edition of our Marketplace, we had the 'Hack' knife for 2379VP, or 33% off.

It's no accident that we've taken the trouble to mention our Market: the content of the Night Market is unique for each player. When you have revealed the cards, you may get Frenzy skins (Great...), knives or even skins for the Judge, while another player will have skins for the Operator, the Odin or the Marshall.

How the Night Market works

As mentioned above, the Night Market works with a card system. When it's available, you'll see a yellow card at the top on your screen. Click on it to open a new window. Six cards are presented to you face down.

The Night Market is back.
The cards are face down

To discover the contents of your Marketplace, you must then click on each card. That way, they'll turn over and you'll see what they were hiding.

Click on the cards to see the skins they contain in the Valorant Night Market.
Example of skins obtained at the Night Market

The Night Markets are ephemeral. The June 2023 session will start on the 7th and finish on the 27th. If you get skins you've missed out on, for example RGX Pro, this could be the opportunity to acquire them. You don't know when, or even if, they'll reappear in the future!