The Night Market is back

You missed the skin perfect for the Phantom or just looking to add to your cosmetics collection at a lower cost? Good news, the long awaited Night Market is back!

It is possible that you started your adventure on Valorant a short time ago, and that you have never heard of this famous Night Market. To put it simply, this is another shop that is available in-game, but intermittently. This shop allows you to get skins that were part of collections that were released and finished a long time ago.

Unlike the usual bundles that are common to all, the content of this Night Market is completely unique to each player. Some will get Melee Weapons, Shorty and Phantoms, others will find skins for the Ares, Odin or Classic. Similarly, the rarity level of each skin present is completely random.

Not only do you get a chance to buy a particularly sought-after skin, but you can do so at a bargain price. The interest of the Night Market lies in promotions that it offers. You could, for example, buy the Classic 'Retribution' for 525VP, which is 40% off.

If you wish to access this Market, go to the main menu. When active, the Market is visible through a small map on the top right on your screen; click on it. A new window will appear showing you 6 cards face down.

Night market: hidden cards

To reveal the content of your market, you then simply click on each card.

Night Market: revealed cards

The Night Markets are temporary. Available from today 19th May, this session will end in 12 days, i.e. on 31st May next. If you've been lucky and there are skins you're interested in, don't wait too long or you might lose them!

Outside of this Market, it is possible to purchase bundles of skins, which are also limited in time. Currently, you can get the skins of the Titanmail Collection, and this for another 6 days!