The Night Market is back in Valorant

You are a skins fan and you wish to complete your collection in Valorant, unfortunately you didn't manage to get the Oni 2.0 cosmetics in time... Don't panic, you might have a chance to make your wish come true thanks to the Night Market. This market with interesting promotions is back from 5th to 25th April .

What is the Night Market?

Whether you have already played for a few weeks or are just starting out on Valorant, you have probably never heard of the Night Market. So, we explain how it works. In short, it is a temporary shop, in addition to the one that is accessible on a continuous basis. Its specificity lies in the fact that it offers a chance to find skins from gone collections.

In addition, the content of your Night Market is totally unique. Once the cards are revealed, you may get knife skins, Odin skins (yesss, too happy!) or Frenzy skins, while other players will have skins for the Operator, Phantom or Ghost. In addition, the rarity level of each cosmetic is completely random.

The fact that you can pick up old skins is already interesting, that's a fact. However, the real advantage of the Night Market becomes apparent when you take a closer look at the prices. By buying your cosmetics via this shop, you benefit from very nice promotions. You could, for example, buy the Classic 'Punishment' for 525VP, which is 40% off.

How the Night Market works

When active, the Market is visible through a small map on the top right on your screen; click on it. A new window will open and show you 6 cards face down.

The Night Market is back.

To reveal the contents of the market, you only need to click on each card.

Click on the cards to see the skins they contain in the Valorant Night Market.

The Night Markets are temporary. This new session is already active and will remain so for another nineteen days, until 25th April. If the skins you've been waiting for are there, don't hesitate too long... at the risk of having to wait several more months before getting your hands on them again.

Apart from this special market, you can also buy time-limited bundles of skins through the shop. Currently, it is the Altitude collection which is on display. With these skins, there's no doubt that your opponents will fly straight to the clouds!