The night market returns

The Night Market is back! Go and turn on your game to discover the skins that are offered at a reduced price for only a few days.

If you have never heard of the Night Market, here is a brief explanation. It's a shop that appears temporarily about every two months to offer you six weapon skins to discounted prices. To access it, click on the small card at the top left of your game's home page, then reveal the cards that will appear in front of you.

The night market returns - night market not revealed -
The night market returns - valorant night market reveals -

The skins offered vary from player to player and so does the percentage discount. If you are lucky enough, you can get a relatively rare skin for a very reasonable price, or at least less than the usual retail price.

Apart from this temporary shop, you still have access to the normal shop where you can buy the currently available skins. At the moment you can also get your hands on the Sarmad bundle.

The Night Market is available from 20th July to 2nd August, so don't hang around if a skin has caught your eye as the offer will not be available forever.