The next Valorant Agent would be an initiator

The latest Valorant patches have mostly focused on fixing problems with certain agents: Yoru has been completely overhauled and Brimestone has been nerfed. Even though the studio has decided to slow down the release of new Agents, the teams are still working on future characters for the game. In an article about the State of the Agents on the official website, we learn that the next Agent could be an initiator.

Riot looks at the initiators

Since its release, Valorant has only welcomed 2 new initiators: : Skye and KAY/O. This gives a total of 4 initiators with Sova and Breach. That said, if Initiators are supposed to excel in information gathering, Sova is the only one who fulfils this role 100%, whereas the other Initiators are more versatile, even leering towards Sentinels or Duelists.

In the State of the Agents article, John Goscicki, Producer of the Valorant characters, explains that the teams are therefore looking into these initiators. They are particularly interested in Sova: :

His Initiation tools are unique in that they rely on reconnaissance and information gathering to give you and the team tools to decide your next step. So much of VALORANT’s tactical loop revolves around information. Knowing where enemies are/are not and exploiting that info to execute during that sliver of a window is key to many successful wins.

John Goscicki

The producer states that the creation of a character is a long process of 12 and 15 months. It takes some thought to figure out what new abilities to add or how to fit a new agent into the existing gameplay.

Thus, it is not easy to create a new agent similar to Sova, who would serve his team by informing them about the opponents. With information gathering, it is necessary to be creative but also and above all to be careful. The abilities are particularly difficult to balance, otherwise they run the risk of being too advantageous.

In order to work on these points, the team called on NickWu (the former premium content manager):

Our focus early on was identifying unique gameplay differences within the realm of recon/info, and landed in a space that has more “localized” Initiation and recon tools.

John Goscicki

A possible hunter in Valorant

One of John Goscicki's sentences gives us a little more information about this new character: "This next Agent should give you a more …intimate feeling when hunting down enemies."; so the new Agent could be a hunter or tracker. This information seems to be validated by the image with which Riot teases its new Agent.

The future Valorant Officer should be a useful initiator of information gathering.

The latter shows a cork board with photos, post-it notes and other documents attached to it, in the manner of police boards during an investigation. The situation also shows that the new Agent might be after Cypher in particular. The image hints at other interesting items, including a cup of coffee..

The symbol on the cup is reminiscent of the symbol found on several tablets that have been scattered on the Valorant maps for several weeks now. To read them, you must find them in defence, during the preparation phase. By looking at these, we discover data on various Agents, namely Sova, Skye, Neon, Cypher, Breach, and Killjoy. If the two symbols are indeed correlated, these tablets would suggest that there is an Agent capable of collecting information, literally.

Tablet about Sova
Viewable on Ascent
Tablet about Skye
Viewable on Breeze
Tablet about Neon
Viewable on Icebox
Tablet about Cypher
Viewable on Bind
Tablet regarding Breach
Viewable on Fracture
Tablet about Killjoy
Viewable on Haven

Furthermore, in Brimstone's office in the training range, we can listen to a communication mentioning a blackmailer, a term also used in an email from Cypher:

Clues about the new agent are present in the training camp.

This new Agent could have accumulated data on all the other Agents and be using it to blackmail them. This seems to be in line with the "intimate" hunt that John Goscicki mentions.

An agent of Turkish origin?

Cypher's theory about the location of this individual could be correct. Indeed, the teaser image is named " Lokum.jpg", the Turkish word for Turkish delight, a confectionery of Ottoman origin particularly present in Turkey.

In addition, in the picture, a ring can be seen hidden behind the cup. This ring has a blue eye, which looks strangely like the Turkish talisman "Nazar Boncuk".

A ring with a blue eye can be seen in the teaser image.
The eye on the ring looks very much like the eye on a Turkish amulet.

Finally, when walking around the training camp, one can see a board with different pictures of the Valorant cards and one of the symbol mentioned above. On this board, strings are all drawn from the pictures to the same area. If you look for the circled area on a map, it may well be Turkey.

The future Agent of Valorant could be of Turkish origin.

A character centred around the eye

This ring with a blue eye is a preventive talisman, which protects against the "evil eye". The eye would be a recurring theme for this new Agent, since it is also in the symbol of the tablets. This idea is not aberrant and could even make sense, considering thathe keeps an eye on his enemies. Furthermore, according to some rumours, this new Agent's abilities would also involve an eye; for the moment no data on abilities has been revealed or confirmed.

In the publication, John GOSCICKI adds that theAgent would be linked to a particular theme, but says that he is "afraid to say too much". He goes on to mention a recurring nightmare. Finally, he ends with the sentence " Herkesin bir korkusu var.", which translates as " Everyone is afraid". It can be assumed that it is this theme of fear that is mentioned, and that the new Agent wears the ring because he too is afraid of something. Moreover, this sentence is written in Turkish. This is another clue that could confirm the nationality of the new Agent, as was done with the term "Magnifique !" for Chamber.

No information has been given yet about the release date of this next Agent. However, it is possible that it will appear in future patches. In the meantime, suspense!