The next Agent will be a Controller

In a short article on its official website, Valorant developers have confirmed that the next Agent will be a Controller.

Since the release of Valorant, we have had four new Agents: two Duelists, a Sentinel and an Initiator. So it was time to see a new Controller join the party.

Current controllers are Brimstone, Omen and Viper. These are Agents whose mission is to deprive opponents of information by taking over the field. At the moment, all Valorant controllers mainly use large smoke machines, but this could change!

Indeed, according to John Goscicki, Valorant Character Producer, the next Agent would be " light-years away from " what we already know. This new character should delight the " “galaxy brain” players out there that like to study everything that happens on a map".

In these two expressions, we find the lexical field of space. These are most likely clues on the abilities of the next Agent. However, it's hard to guess what they will do concretely. Riot remains faithful to its ambition to always create original Agents.

Since Yoru was released at the beginning of January, the new Agent should arrive at the beginning of March. As always, its arrival should mark the beginning of a new Act.