The new skins collection: Doodle Buds

As the Endeavour skins collection has just left the shop, a new bundle has appeared. Named Doodle Buds, it is already available in game.

The skins feature the Agents of Valorant, but not only! One of them features some of the most famous champions from League of Legends, the other flagship game from Riot Games. Others feature adorable little animals affectionately called Tactifriends.

New Pencilled Friends skins

With this new set, the developers have created something quite original. Indeed, when you start a game with one of these skins, the drawings on the weapons are blank. You'll have to do damage and kills for them to gradually become coloured.

Composition of the Doodle Buds pack

This new ensemble is composed of eleven elements : five skins, three sprays and three player cards. Once again, the melee will not receive a skin with this bundle.

The pack can be obtained for 6,992 Valorant Points but, as usual, each item can be purchased individually.

  • Sprays: 325VPs/unit
  • Cards: 375VPs/unit
  • Stinger: 1,775 VPs
  • Marshal: 1 775 VPs
  • Ares: 1,775 VPs
  • Shorty: 1,775 VPs
  • Phantom: 1,775 VPs

Please note that buying the full set of items separately will cost you more than buying the full bundle.

The collection is available until 27th April, after that it will not be possible to get it, so don't delay.