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The new Prelude to Chaos skins bundle

With the release of the first Act of Episode 5A new collection of skins has been released. Starting tomorrow, after the implementation of patch 5.00, players will be able to purchase the Prelude to Chaos bundle.

The latest collection, entitled xeno-hunterIt had a very military feel to it, as well as a heart sensor and a mini-map directly on the weapon. Obviously, it was a decorative element.

For the Prelude to Chaos collection, a completely different atmosphere is in evidence. As explained by Sean MarinoThe dark and pleasant side of the Looter skin, mixed with the science fiction world and the feeling of power, gave birth to this bundle.

We noticed the love of players for the Looter skins, but we didn't have a SF collection in the same dark vein. We cheekily asked ourselves, "What do sci-fi loving emo-punks want from a skin? How does it feel to kill a demon?" In the case of Looter, it was the audio and animations that served the fantasy side the most. So we forced the animations and sounds of reloading, equipping, resting and inspection. Of course, the two-handed sword (the "Blade of Chaos") is symbolic of what this collection exudes because it is huge and chaotic, its moving special effects represent exactly the intoxication of power we were looking for. No other melee weapon comes close. When you're wielding a sword like this and firearms, you must feel a murderous rage.

Sean Marino, Associate Artistic Director
Skins - Prelude to chaos

As usual, this new set will feature skins for different weapons:

  • The Melee Army (The Blade of Chaos, a two-handed sword)
  • The Vandal
  • The Operator
  • The Shorty
  • The Stinger

To get the full package, you will have to pay 8700VP. In addition to the weapon skins, you will also get a graffiti and a Prelude to Chaos charm.

For fans of variations and animationsThis bundle is for you. Each weapon, including melee, is available in several colours: green/red, silver/green or blue, in addition to the basic version. In addition, you can unlock a finish that chains your opponent and sends him straight to hell, a bit like the one on the Looter skin!

Melee - Prelude to chaos - variant

This new collection, forged in fire and destruction, will be available in the shop tomorrow, after the integration of the patch 5.00.