Fade: The New Agent of Valorant

For several weeks, the teasing of the new Agent is in full swing. Until now her name and appearance were unknown. We now know that it is a female agent called Fade.

The new agent is called Fade.

Mid March, John Goscicki, the Character Producers revealed an important information about the next Valorant Agent: Agent number 20 would probably be an initiator. This information has finally been confirmed, as the visual above does indeed mention the Initiator role.

Thanks to the various elements left in play and in the article States of Agents, a hypothesis emerged: Fade would be a tracker dedicated to gathering information. In fact, according to the communications published in Brimstone's office in the training range, she had tracked down all the Agents and collected information on each of them in order to blackmail them.

The assumption that Fade is a hunter has not been validated by Riot Games at this time, however the Agent reveal is accompanied by a sentence that seems to point in that direction:

You really don't want to run into Fade in the dark, but you need to know where this trail leads.

Fade's skills are not yet known. However, several clues have been revealed in the training ground. If these are hints of her abilities, the new Agent could well be the first to know. how to alter the vision of opponents by blackening it, but also leave marks purple/yellow at their feet.

The gameplay of Fade will be revealed to the community following the Grand Final of the Reykjavik Masters. Let's meet on 24th April to discover this new character in pictures and through an interview with the developers of Valorant.

To follow the live stream :

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