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Neptune skins are available

It's time to say goodbye to the Titan Mesh skinsbecause it is now the Neptune ensemble which is coming to the game! It is already available in the shop.

As the name suggests, the sea will be in the spotlight with this new bundle. All the weapons offered are transparent and look like small aquariums. Inside, you can see algae, shells and fish. In addition, a small anchor logo is engraved on each weapon.

The melee weapon looks like an anchor, with a large starfish on it.

Neptune Skins

Each weapon is available in white and black. In addition, when you fire them, water splashes out, as if you were using a water gun.

Composition of the Neptune pack

This new ensemble is composed of five skins : four firearms and one melee weapon. It also contains a lucky charm with a small starfish.

The complete collection costs 7 100 Valorant Points but each element can of course be purchased individually.

  • Gunbuddy: 475 VPs/unit
  • Guardian: 1,775 VP
  • Vandal: 1,775 cars
  • Spectrum: 1775 VP
  • Shorty: 1 775 VPs
  • Melee: 3,550 VP

As usual, buying the whole pack will be cheaper than buying several items separately.

The collection has been available since 25 May and you have until 8 June to get it.