The Lore of Valorant and Agents becomes clearer on Discord

On 14th April, David "Riot KingKut" Notthingham, Creative Director of VALORANT, took part in a discussion about the Lore of Valorant and Agents on the VALORANT Lore // Art Discord server. He answered some of the questions people had, providing new information and confirming some theories.

We have captured the highlights of these conversations in this article. If you want to find the full details, you can check out this subreddit and this Twitter thread.

Confirmations of elements already more or less known

First, David confirms, among other things, that Breach is not an augmented human, strictly speaking. he did not have his arms amputated voluntarily or as a result of a war accident, he's in fact a congenital amputee. He was born without arms, and his Radianite-infused prostheses were transplanted to him much later.

Then, the creative director also validated the origins of Skye. We learned that she is originally from Nimbin, in Australia. This theory came after comparing a photo of the town's surroundings with a screenshot from the Agent's trailer. Nimbin is a rather green and nature-oriented town, known for its use of cannabis and other medicinal plants. It also fits with Skye's shamanic abilities, such as healing with plant spirits or fighting with animal totems.

Finally, David said that Valorant's maps play an essential role in storytelling. The creative team is careful to make sure that each map has a new story to tell the players: this is what we noticed on Icebox. But it's not just the maps that develop the lore. David explained that the Valorant team wants to diversify in the way they develop the story of the game. Given the way Riot Games has been cultivating the Lore of League of Legends, with short stories, comics and music videos, it's not hard to imagine Valorant's story being detailed through different media. In fact, the FPS team has already begun to do just that, with its cinematics Duelists and Retake.

More details on Cypher, Astra and Omen

Where we learned the most was in relation to Cypher and nora, a person who is presumably related to him. David described this one in the form of a question: "A person loved and lost?". This question suggests that Nora may be a deceased relative of the Agent, such as his wife of daughter. The creative director didn't go very far in his explanations. However, he did confirm that Cypher's voice line: "I must survive to protect my family, I can't lose them, I can't feel that pain again." revealed a tragic loss in his story. Apart from that, he also stated that Cypher is not a robot.

One of the voice lines ofAstra indicates that she would potentially be aware of Cypher's true identity. David confirmed that she knew something about him, without elaborating. He added that the origin of the latest Agent will be important in the future of the lore.

Internet users asked to know more about the past ofOmen. David remained evasive, explaining that it's a big question that's hard to answer. He also said that is has several parts.

Here's what we can take away from this exchange on the Valorant Lore // Art Discord. We remind you once again that to find the entire conversation, you can consult this subreddit and this Twitter thread.