The LCQ NA resumes next week

After being interrupted last week due to a number of problems, we finally have news about the LCQ NA. It will resume where it stopped, from 27th to 31st October.

After a week of radio silence, Riot Games has spoken out about the North American Last Chance Qualifier in an official statement.

The double-elimination tournament will pick up where it left off after Day 1 completed. 100 Thieves qualified for the Upper Bracket Final while Gen.G, LG and XSET all dropped down to the lower bracket.

Riot Games
LCQ NA – Current state of brackets

The North American tournament started on 12th October and has been in the news ever since. On the first day, the format " online LAN " caused a number of technical problems. Despite the lags, all matches on that day were played and 100Thieves won its place in the upper bracket final.

Things got tougher on the morning of the second day of competition. Some players tested positive and then negative for COVID19. Riot Games considered various scenarios to resolve the situation, but the company ultimately suspended the tournament as a precaution.

In the end, there will be no replay and the competition will pick up where it left off. The next matches, scheduled for 27th October, will determine who from Faze Clan, Rise, Version1 and Cloud9 Blue will join 100Thieves. All participating teams are determined to win the ultimate American slot for the World Championship!

As a reminder, the LCQs are the last chance tournaments allowing teams who narrowly missed the qualification for the World Championships to try their luck again. The different regions have all already completed their LCQs, allowing FULL SENSE, Furia Esports and Team Liquid to enter the Valorant Champions. All that remains is to find out which American team will join them.

The Valorant Champions will soon be played in Berlin. A total of 16 teams will compete for the title of World Champion. Apart from the three teams mentioned above, 12 other teams have qualified via the VCT points and the Berlin Masters. They are: Sentinels, Team Secret, KRÜ Esports, Team Viking, Keyd Stars, Gambit Esports, Vision Strikers, Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports, Gambit Esports, Team Envy and Fnatic.