The French Tap: a French showmatch

An explosive BO3 between two teams coached by Bazy and WiPR is getting ready and guess what... you can join one of the two teams to participate! With Lutti, they will meet you in cast on Saturday 13th February to follow the match on Mandatory Twitch channel.

Not just the pros at Valorant deserve to be in the spotlight! To allow you to prove yourself, Riot Games France will soon organise the French Tap, a showmatch between the Bazy & WiPR teams, made up of members of the community! 

The concept is simple: Bazy & WIPR will select players from the community to make two teams, which they will coach during streamed training sessions. They will prepare their teams as much as possible for a final confrontation, Saturday 13th February, commented by the two coaches and Lutti.

You would have understood it, Riot Games gives you the opportunity to shine. Are you ready?

How to participate? 

To highlight emerging talents, the competition is open to players rank Platinum during the current season (and maximum Diamond 1 during the previous season). 

If you want to try your luck, go to the Twitter accounts of our two coaches. Until Sunday at 11:59pm, under their respective tweets, you will be able to share a screenshot of your profile. They will then select 5 players among the participants.

Follow the match with Lutti

The two teams will meet on Saturday 13th February at 8pm on the Twitch channel of Mandatory, in an exceptional BO3 commented by the two coaches. They will be joined by Lutti as a neutral and objective mediator. Suffice to say that there should be good mood (and probably and lot of bad faith) during the event!

French Tap : Showmatch : Lutti
Lutti commentera le French Tap en compagnie des coaches WiPR et Bazy

Don't hesitate to follow the coaches on Twitter (WiPR | Bazy) and on Twitch (WiPR | Bazy) if you think that you have what it takes to be part of their teams.