The first signs of a new Agent

With the First Strike and the spaced out releases of Icebox and Skye, one would almost forget that the latest Valorant additions were over two months ago! A new Agent should therefore arrive soon, and Riot Games is starting to prepare the ground.

Different elements give us a first glimpse of the next playable character of Valorant. First, there is a promotional image discovered in the Patch 1.14. It features a silhouette of an unknown figure.

Valorant: New Agent Silhouette

The teasing of Killjoy and Reyna had also started with silhouettes. This new silhouette appears to be that of a man (the first since the release of Valorant), dressed in a leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders. Could it be a biker or a punk? The character also appears to have some sort of flame around his arms, but these are most likely to be effects related to his "powers". So we imagine that this will be a new Radiant.

Another element: a kind of easter egg that appears on Icebox. At the start of the game, it's possible to see some sort of footprints appear, such as blue splashes. The person who owns these traces seems to be fleeing point A.

Is this a coincidence? We talked a while ago about the possibility of welcoming a Japanese Agent, heir to the samurai armour hidden on point A of Icebox.

If Riot Games is on its regular update schedule, we should learn more in two to three weeks. That being said, there's a good chance that developers will get a well-deserved break during the holiday season.