The Explorer skins collection

Conquer space with the new collection Endeavour. This temporary collection includes 4 skins for the following weapons:

  • The Ghost
  • The Operator
  • The Vandal
  • The Bulldog

While bundles usually include a skin for the melee weapon, this one does not.

Explorer skin image for the Vandal.

For those who wish to purchase either skin separately, you will need to pay 875 VPs per item.
The full packwill cost you 2,930 VPs, a saving of 1,445 VPs.

As Sean Marino recently explainedAssistant Art Director on Valorant, not all skins can be declined or bring new ending animations. So for this bundle, there are no colour variants, no finisher.

The bundle is already available in the shop, but will be discontinued as of tomorrow. So if you want to buy this set, you'll have to hurry!