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The creative team of Valorant will continue to develop the game's lore next year

In charge of everything related to the lore of the game, the background of the agents and the cards but also of the music and some content of the battle pass, the creative team at Valorant has had a busy 2020!

In a letter posted on the game's website, the team does a quick review by explaining what their work consists of, but not only! If you like stories, lore of Valorant, you will be served. The creative team states in its letter that the team will provide answers to several theories during the coming year.
The corporation Kingdom will be one of the main threads in the lore of the Riot's game. Answers regarding the world in which Valorant agents are immersed will also emerge.
Will the next agent give us some information? Or we'll have to wait for the next maps or agents? To get those answers, stay tuned and keep looking at the details!