The coherence of the Valorant gameplay

Recently, the developers of Valorant embarked on a investigation of gameplay inconsistencies from one party to another. An article has been published to keep players informed of its progress.

For some time now, Valorant players have been complaining about a difference in level between games. An investigation has therefore been launched to try to understand where the problem comes from and to solve it. According to the comments already received, the following are the main concerns encountered by the community:

  • Different times from one game to another despite a stable network.
  • The reaction of the other players was more or less rapid than mine from one game to the next.
  • Valorant is an irregular game in which you can chain headshots in one game and suffer them in another.
  • Players with a high ping would have a greater advantage than those with a lower ping.

Faced with these complaints, the game developers first of all reminded us that the mental state in which the player finds themself has a great influence on his performance in the game. Indeed, a highly concentrated person will see his senses and perception increased, his reactivity time decreased and will have better reflexes. It is therefore important to understand that players' performances are far from constant from one game to the next because the mental state varies greatly.

Nevertheless, the game teams assure that they will work on this point to try to measure the fairness of a game and see if there is a problem that creates this feeling of unfairness.

Latency in play

The latency problem is what seems to have been most reported by the community. However, according to the developers, the measurements are stable. This could therefore be due to the network buffering and thenetwork instability. To ensure this, a number of issues are currently being examined:

  • Is the network buffering constant from one game to the next?
  • How does the buffering of Valorant handle instability in the long term?
  • Does Valorant buffering minimise processing times effectively by providing smooth movement for players?
  • How long does it take for buffering to recover from short-term disturbances?

Following these questions, several observations were made. It seems that buffering is unstable when it encounters a network or performance problem. This results in high latency for players for a short period of time. In addition, the game automatically reduces this buffering to achieve a display delay as close to real time as possible. However, if your network is already unstable, this can cause a very regular latency adjustment, resulting in network instability.

It was therefore decided that the buffering behaviour would be changed. The developers will come back to this later in the year when the changes have been made.

Accuracy at stake

The aim of this part of the survey is to ensure that players with consistent performance and results are rewarded for their efforts.

Many questions were raised, including whether the network conditions were optimal and whether there might be any disagreements between the client and the server. After several reviews, it turns out that everything seems to be working fine with the combat systems. Nevertheless, the developers will continue to monitor them in case a problem occurs.

Attackers with a high ping

Many feedbacks from players mention the difficulty of playing defense against a person with a high ping. Riot Games had already published an article on this subject, explaining their views on these players.

For the time being, the developers will concentrate on evaluating the core systems to see where the general feeling of inability to play against those with high ping comes from. Later, they will try to improve the internal tools to measure the advantage gained by having a higher ping than others. Online games will also be examined to draw conclusions and results.

Few answers have been given for the moment, but the Valorant teams assure that they will soon come back to the community to propose solutions. These will then be added to the PBE.