The playoff race begins - VCT EMEA 2022 Week 4 recap

Four weeks have passed since the start of Challengers 2 EMEA 2022, and there is now only one week left for the teams to prove themselves. Fnatic and Guild Esports still sit at the top of their respective groups and are assured of a playoff spot. For the bottom teams, it will now be a battle to qualify.

If you want a quick overview of the final scores, you can refer to the summary of week 4.

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Last week, Fnatic and Guild Esports were the undefeated teams in Groups A and B. This week, this is still the case. Although the standings didn't really move in week 4, there were a few surprises, including BIG's win over M3 Champions.

Here is a recap of week 4 of the VCT EMEA 2022.

Group A matches

To open this new week of competition, G2 Esports faced Acend. For the first game on Split, the Samurai inflicted a heavy defeat on their opponents, 13-3, notably thanks to the Chamber of m1xwell. But the Acend were not to be denied and then responded by winning Icebox 13-10 and Bind 13-11. They remain in third place in Group A, just behind FunPlus Phoenix. Although G2 Esports put up a good fight, it wasn't enough and they now have three losses to one win, but all is not lost yet to qualify for the playoffs.

In the face of FunPlus Phoenix, the OG LDN UTD had absolutely no chance. They lost in two very quick rounds, each lasting less than 40 minutes. Haven was closed in 13-6 and Bind in 13-3 in favour of the Phoenix, with the players putting in some very strong individual performances. In particular, there were several decisive multikills by Zyppan and ardiis. While their playoff place is virtually assured, the OG's is totally uncertain as, like G2, the team has only one win and three losses.

Finally, the first team and the last team of group A faced each other. Fnatic against FOKUS. This meeting was just as quick as the previous one. Derke, Enzo and Alfajer were monstrous, especially in the second game, and did not give the FOKUS players much breathing space. The latter were successively defeated 13-7 on Split and 13-4 on Bind. They are still bottom of the table and have no chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

Group B matches

In Group B, the meeting between Team Liquid and Natus Vincere proved to be relatively close. The first card, Haven, ended in favour of the Liquid in 13-11. However, the Natus took their revenge on Bind by winning the card in turn 13-11. The two teams were finally separated on Split and did not give up until the end, bringing the match to an overtime. After several phases of play leading to 6-6, it was nevertheless Team Liquid that emerged victorious from this match with the score of 16-14.

After three weeks of hardship, BIG has finally won its first match! The team won this Saturday 4th June against M3 Champions, with a score of 2-0. On Ascent, they quickly took the lead and, although they had more difficulty once they went on the attack, they still won the map 13-9. On BindIn the first round, M3 Champions took the lead, only to be overtaken by their opponents. Although they put up a good fight, they still lost to BIG, again with a score of 13-9. They are now tied with Natus Vincere and BBL Esports, each team having one win and three losses. So all is not lost for the playoffs but they will have to fight for a place.

The final Group B match was between Guild Esports at BBL Esports. Although the first map, Bind,was extended with an overtime, it was Guild that came out on top. 14-12. On Ascent, in the end, the Turks found it extremely difficult to resist the assaults and aggressions of their opponents, led by a Leo absolutely monstrous on his Sova. The latter finishes the map with a KDA of 31/13/11 and is clearly the MVP of this match. BBL Esports lost this time 13-10 against the first team in the group.

The ranking at the end of this fourth week

Group A
FunPlus Phoenix3-1
G2 Esports1-3
Group B
Guild Esports4-0
Team Liquid3-1
M3 Champions2-2
Natus Vincere1-3
BBL Esports1-3

It is now certain that Fnatic and Guild Esports will participate in play-offs starting on 17th June next. As for the other teams, nothing is decided yet, except for FOKUS, which has now accumulated four defeats.

In Group B, three teams are neck and neck with one win and three losses: Natus Vincere, BIG and BBL Esports. Anything is still possible for them, should M3 Champions be beaten next week.

To follow the rest of the VCT EMEA 2022, see you on 10th June.

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