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The Battle Pass, too long to complete?

Valorant has been available for 6 days, and players start to worry about its Battle Pass. It seems to be extremely difficult to complete without buying a few tiers.

If the first levels require a relatively inexpensive experience, this sum only increases by 1000 points every new tier. To reach level 24, you need 26,000 points. For tier 50, you need 52,000. In total, no less than 1,372,000 experience points are needed to reach the last tier.

Riot Games announced that each Battle Pass will last 2 months. That means you need to earn around 171,000 points per week, or 24,000 experience points per day. Assuming you complete all daily and weekly quests, you should get a total of 75,000 experience points per week. There are therefore 96,000 points to win per week with games experience. Since you earn an average of 4,200 experience points per game, this amounts to playing at least 4 games per day, over 60 days.

Technically, the experience gained from the weekly quests should increase as the Battle Pass progresses. Riot estimates that it takes approximatively 100 hours of play to complete the entire pass.

TLDR: It's damn long!

Players discovering gradually the level of requirement of the Battle Pass 50th Tier began to worry on social networks. Riot Aeneia spoke on this subject to confirm that it's not a calculation error, but a completely voluntary choice.

The final tiers of the Battle Pass are supposed to represent something meaningful. "A top percentage of players earned this." It loses its value if it's too easy to get. So, we want completing the Battle Pass to be a commitment, but not impossible.

Riot Aeneia

Even if it's important to give meaning to the highest rewards, you have to be careful not to frustrate the players, otherwise they will simply not buy it. According to Aeneia, this is the reason why we find interesting rewards very regularly in the Pass. The goal is that players who have not completed the battle pass do not feel swindled regarding their purchase.

Managing a Battle Pass is tricky for developers, especially since this model is quite recent. We remember that when Apex Legends came out, players started to give the game the cold shoulder, partly because of their Battle Pass which offered nothing very interesting to motivate them to play. There were mostly titles or replicas, rather than striking cosmetics like skins. In Valorant, all the titles of the Battle Pass are reserved for the free way, that's something.

In any case, you will need to be patient if you want to unlock all rewards from the Battle Pass, but it's not excluded that Riot reviews the model by seeing the results of the first pass. Aeneia concluded by saying that if too few players could complete the pass, the levels would be ajusted. After all, the experience needed to unlock Agents has also been revised following the closed beta.