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TenZ (Cloud9) withdraws from competition

Cloud9 loses a second player. This time, it's TenZ who decided to quit the Valorant Cloud9 Blue team and competition. The Canadian player wants to focus on content creation.

TenZ was among the first Counter-Strike players to transition to Valorant. He was the star of Cloud9 and one of the figures of the American Valorant scene. It must be said that the player has a monstruous talent and absolutely extraordinary reflexes, as this excerpt from his training (seen in our best-of last week) demonstrates.

This young 19-year-old prodigy has decided on hiw own to leave his place as official player. According to him, this is not a final decision. TenZ will reassess his decision once the health crisis has passed. Obviously, playing only online competitions doesn't have the same flavour, nor the same appeal to him.

TenZ is therefore much more interested in the community aspect than competitive at the moment. IT must be said that he has met with certain success on Twitch and YouTube, far from the stress of trainings and tournaments. Reconciling the two activities is complicated, since playing in a stream exposes your strategies and your practises to your opponents, while the practices force you to focus and to animate your live less.

Cloud9 therefore finds itself amputated by two players, following the departure of Shinobi last month. The team must therefore rebuild itself in a hurry. As a reminded, the Valorant Champions Tour starts in 3 weeks in North America.