VCL France Split 1 Playoffs: Qualified Teams

After five weeks of intense matches, the qualification for the next step of Split 1 ended last night. Six teams out of ten have been qualified to participate in the rest of the tournament. This is the opportunity for us to take a look at these teams and the final ranking of this first part of the Valorant Challengers France: Revolution.

The VCL France split 1

After a regular season of 18 games, we finally know the six teams qualified for the play-offs. The first two of them automatically qualify for the semi-finals, while the other four will have to compete directly in the quarter-finals.

The non-qualified, BeGenius, HEET, BLX UTD and 3DMax will have to be ready to attack the second split.

Qualified teams

Team SBG Mix Logo - SBG Esport

Supra Beaux Gosses

Best team of this Split 1, SBG finishes with 14 wins and 4 losses. Currently in first place, they automatically qualified for the semi-finals of Split 1, where they will face the winner of the WYLDE - VALIANT match.

Logo - Mandatory


Not far behind SBG, Mandatory has been able to get back on track in the last few weeks. The team finished with 12 wins and 6 losses. Second of the ranking, they will face the winner of the ZERANCE - Joblife match in the semi-final.

Logo Team - Zerance


Currently third of the ranking, finishes in 10-8 just like WYLDE and VALIANT. They will have to triumph against Joblife to hope to face Mandatory in the semis.

wylde logo


After a good start, WYLDE struggled in the fourth week of Split 1 and will have to face VALIANT again in the quarter-finals, a team they have dominated twice this season.

Valiant team logo


Recently, the team created a surprise by winning their return match against SBG, currently leading the ranking. VALIANT will be able to take revenge on WYLDE in the quarter-finals and show what they are capable of.

Team logo - Joblife


Qualified in extremis, Joblife finished 6th in this ranking with the same score as BeGenius. The team will have to outdo itself to face its next match against ZERANCE.

The stakes

As a reminder, the Challengers France are held over two stages: Split 1 and Split 2. At the end of these weeks of competition, the two best teams will be able to participate in the Challengers Ascension. A tournament that could allow teams to access the EMEA league and thus have a place in the VCT 2024. Teams have a vested interest in doing their best to reach the highest competitive levels.

The end of Split 1 will take place from 9th March to 12nd March. Do not miss the first matches of this second part of the competition by following our schedule !