The teams qualified for the VCL France 2023 Split 2 playoffs

After several weeks of competition, some teams have secured their place in the playoffs of Split 2, of the VCL France 2023. This new stage is particularly important for Mandatory. Our players are determined to win the title of French Champions and to dethrone the old SBGs. In addition, the playoff phase will determine which team will automatically enter the Ascension tournament and which will participate in the playoffs of this competition.

Regular season summary

At the time of writing this section, the regular season is coming to an end, but it is not quite over yet as two more matches must be played. We can, however, look back at what happened in the previous weeks.

During the first two weeks of the competition, a little more than one in two matches was a no-match, ending in 13-6 at best. This initial period of the regular season has allowed some teams to take the lead in the standings, such as Joblife, which has made six wins in six matches. Nevertheless, with seven weeks of games, nothing is really certain.

By the time the third week begins, the teams have had the opportunity to analyse and study the play of their future opponents through the previous matches. The fruit of this stage, it's the anti-strat! And the work paid off, as the scores began to smooth out and the stomps became more sporadic.

In weeks 3 and 4, seven matches ended in a 13-6 or worse performance by the losing team, for a total of twenty matches played, i.e. 35%. This trend continues in week five and is even more pronounced. Of the fifteen duels, eight resulted in a very close game, ending with a score of at least 13-10.

Although the matches became longer and more complex, some teams still gained the upper hand. The dominance of the SBGs, now Gentle Mates, is unquestionable. As of 15th May, the team of Squeezie, Gotaga and Brawks has 12 wins and only 4 losses. Mandatory and Wylde have also managed to climb to the top of the table. They currently hold second and third place of the general ranking,with eleven wins and five losses.

Unfortunately for others, the season did not go so well, despite the efforts and work put into the game. 3D Max and BLX UTD even found themselves in trouble. They are among the three current teams not qualified for the next stage, as is Akroma.

Qualified teams

Edit: We now know the sixth team to qualify for the playoffs. It is Zerance.

On Valorant, every Split ends with a playoff. In the VCL France, the six best teams of the season qualify. Even though not all the games are over yet, five teams have already secured their slots, namely Mandatory, Gentle Mates, Wylde and Joblife. As a result, Zerance and Solary are the only two teams still in contention for the sixth and final available slot.

Logo Team - Gentle Mates
Gentle Mates

beyAz - logaN - nataNk - TakaS - Wailers - APO

Logo - Mandatory

HyP - Akumaaaaa - kAdavra - Goaster - TheBigFiz

wylde logo

calvin - Foxie - hiro - hype - Sevire

Valiant team logo

NeskaaS - LeeN - Cyv0ph - Sacake - Jesse

Team logo - Joblife

rodeN - YaYax - so0n - Martcylinho - nayte

Logo Team - Zerance

Babax - Veqaj - Mercury - DarkLight - lux9

What are the stakes of these playoffs?

Each split of the VCL France 2023 awards VCL points, in order to rank the different teams. The team that finishes first automatically advances to the at the Ascencion tournament, that allows for a slot in the next level of the competition. In addition, the second place team will have the chance to participate in the Plays-In tournament. This is a competition between all the runner-up teams in the various VCLs in the EMEA region. The winning team receives a place at the Ascencion.

This new stage of the Split 2 is of paramount importance for structures seeking to join the EMEA League. We explain. While it is true that some teams have already been awarded points after Split 1, the current ranking is far from definitive. At the end of this playoff phase, the amount of points distributed for each place is more important than in the first Split.

Thus, the players who win will not receive no longer 60 points, but 110. The second place finishers will be awarded a total of 75 points instead of 40. The next two will receive 50 points instead of 30, and finally, those finishing fifth and sixth will receive 30 points instead of the previous 15. In short, this will change the current order according to the final results.

However, it is clear that not all teams have this objective in mind at this stage of the competition. For others, the playoffs are a chance to pick up points in order to secure a place in the VCL France for the 2024 season.