Team WiPR wins the French Tap!

The first French Tap offered to two personalities of Valorant to compose their teams of Platinum players before playing against each other. It's WiPR and Bazy who took care of 10 players before competing this Saturday. At the end of an eventful BO3, WiPR's team, with AugyEtLesCafards, Heretix, Metah, VaaLeXx and Z Val, won!

The five players and their coach met for the first time a few days ago. With such a limited time to progress, WiPR preferred to focus his training sessions on the different strategic options.

Bazy's team also formed this week, and their coach preferred to work on communication between the players above all. Although the team made good progress, it wasn't enough to win the match.

Map 1 – Split
Team Bazy 513 Team WiPR

The BO3 started on Split, as decided by the players of team WiPR. Probably with good reason as they seemed to be very comfortable here. By starting in Attack, they outpaced their opponents in most of the rounds. Less in their element, Bazy's players were unable to react in time to regain the sites once control was lost. As a result, we saw many Spike explosions in the first half of the map.

On the WiPR side, it's VaaLeXx with Raze who dominated the exchanges, with 21 kills inclusing 7 First Bloods. This warm-blooded player didn't hesitate to throw himself into the fray. On Bazy side, it's Fow, with his Sage, who tried to carry his team. Accompanied by SlayyNow, he performed very nice actions. But they weren't enough.

Team WiPR won Split on a score of 13-5.

Map 2 – Bind
Team WiPR 137 Team Bazy

Once on Bind, the players of team Bazy got some colour back, at least for a few rounds. It must be said that the 5 players are rather used to using Duelists. In Attack, they managed to dominate many confrontations.

Unfortunately for them, this wasn't enough to dominate the first half of the map. Indeed, team WiPR was much better established on the different types of Agents. By using their skills more judiciously, they managed to take a small advantage at side's switch (7-5).

Once in Defense, nothing was going well for Team Bazy. Despite some good performances from Ghetis (sometimes too impetuous, for his own good), the team paid for its lack of Sentinel. Without a Cypher or a Killjoy, hard to hold a site efficiently, and the WiPR team took advantage of this like on Split.

WiPR players include an excellent Sova in the person of Heretix. His arrows and drone were decisive in taking over the sites and detecting the opponents in the smokes. The Phoenix of AugyEtLesCafards was able to take advantage of it. There are also many kills from the turret of Z Val, on Killjoy. As the coaches had fun noticing, it was finally a 6 vs 5 match.

The comeback hoped by Bazy didn't happen on Bind and team WiPR won the map and the match, on a score of 13-7.

This is how the Mandatory's first French Tap was concluded. Congratulations to both teams and to our two coaches who all gave their all for this explosive match!

The French Tap will come back soon with new coaches and new players. Stay tuned on Mandatory.GG !