Team Vitality wins their first match at LOCK//IN

New evening, new matches in the second group of the LOCK IN. The least we can say is that this evening was fruitful for the French structure still in the running. Team Vitality won against Global Esports of the Pacific League.

The hostilities started early in the evening on Split. Even though the map was chosen by Global Esports, they didn't manage to impose their game on it. Indeed, Team Vitality players showed themselves to be ruthless in Attack. With a KDA of 20/5/0 in the first half, Twisten did not let the opposing players breathe for a second. The teamwork and precision of the Europeans got the better of Global Esports in this first game. Once on the attack, things were not much better for Global Esports against the almost perfect defence of the bees. A first game that ends with a violent score of 13 to 4 for Vitality.

After this expeditious first map, the two teams met again on Pearl. After a fairly even start, Vitality adapted to Global Esports' game. The score is 7-5 for Europeans at the change of sides. It was at this point that Global Esports finally started to ramp up. Once on defence, they managed to gain a significant advantage and win the map by only letting two rounds go by. They finally won by a score of 13-9 and equalize in this BO3.

To conclude this meeting, the teams met on Lotus. Despite its efficiency at the beginning of the map, Global Esports was quickly dominated by the European team. Once again, Team Vitality was imperial by winning seven rounds in a row in Attack. An effective aggressive strategy thanks to a composition built around two initiators, Fade and Breach. Unperturbed, the European team led until the final result, a severe 13-6.

The second European team still in the running, Team Vitality will face Leviatan on Saturday 25th February at 9pm.