Team Vitality has unveiled its roster for the VCT 2023

After an impressive victory in the second VRL France Split, Team Vitality will try its hand at the top level of the competition next year. Accepted as one of the ten EMEA League franchise teams in 2023, the French structure recently parted ways with some of its roster. The objective was clear: to reshape the team in order to position itself as a serious competitor on the European and even international circuit. From now on, it can count on MOLSI, Destrian and Twisten, in addition to ceNder and BONECOLD, whose contracts have been renewed.

Team Vitality has already demonstrated its expertise on several occasions on the Valorant competitive scene. In 2021, it won the the Valorant Open Tour France Grand Final. Later, the team shone in the VRL France: Revolution, winning the title of Best Francophone Team at the Split 2.

The French organisation has a new challenge in 2023, as it has been accepted for the new EMEA League of the VCTlast September. As a franchisee, she will be entering the highest level of the competition, and she intends to make her mark there, as she said Fabien Devideco-founder and President.

We had already started to prove our strength on VALORANT when we had the opportunity to join the VCT European league. We knew we had to create a strong and carefully organised team that would make us a serious contender for the best team in Europe. We are proud of this team and look forward to seeing how far they go next year..

Fabien Devide - via

In the steps towards reconstruction, Vitality has chosen to divest itself of baddyG, nataNk and H1ber. The new international team therefore retains two of its former players, ceNder and BONECOLD. In 2023, this duo will be joined by MOLSI and Destrian, both from OG LDN UTD. The roster is completed by Twisten, the former BIG duellist. The new VCT regulations require franchises to have 6 players. This is a Gorilla, the team's assistant coach, who will take a seat if necessary.

Team Vitality will have the opportunity to compete against other teams from around the world in the first VCT 2023 tournament. The tournament is scheduled for February 2023 and will be held in Brazil, in São Paulo.