Team Vitality enters the EMEA League for VCT 2023

After reaching the VRL summit France : Revolution, Team Vitality is going to take on Europe. Next year, the bees will join other teams such as Fnatic, Team Liquid or Karmine Corp, in the new EMEA League. The VCT 2023 will undoubtedly offer spectacular matches in the region.

The Vitality structure joined the Valorant competitive scene at the Split 1 of the VRL France. During this first period of the year, the team had finished in fifth position at the end of the group stage. If this was not enough to reach the playoffs, the story was quite different during the second split.

The beginnings of the Split 2 were a bit difficult, nevertheless the team quickly came back to the front of the scene. With a total of 14 wins and 4 losses, the roster even took second place during the regular season. Qualifying for the playoffs, the team continued its momentum, until they reach the Grand Final. In this final match of the season, the bees were the strongest and won against MAD Lions.

The conquest of the French scene is now over. Vitality is now setting out to conquer an European, or even international, trophy. It's official, the structure is part of the teams selected for the EMEA League, new league set up for the VCT 2023.

Players will be able to test their skills against other teams from around the world between February and March in a first major tournament. Effect, the Kickoff Tournament will bring together the thirty rosters from around the world over a three-week period.