Team Vitality eliminated from LOCK//IN by Leviatán

The race ends here for the Team Vitality. After winning their first game against Global Esports, they are eliminated from the LOCK//IN São Paulo following their defeat against Leviatán.

The first match took place on Haven, a map chosen by the American team that usually favours the Attack. However, Vitality failed to extend their lead on the first side when they were on the offensive. While the Bees led with a score of 7-5 at the change of side, Leviatán managed to come back to the score and to bring this first match to overtime. The American team won on a 16-14.

This time, Team Vitality selected the second map, Pearl. However, this choice was at the origin of their elimination. Indeed, the French structure came up against the Argentinian-Chilean wall in the first part of the match, bringing the score to 10-2 for Leviatán. At side change, Vitality was unable to ward off their opponents' attack and the round ended in a crushing defeat. Leviatán therefore eliminated the EMEA team and qualified for the quarter-finals with a score of 13-3 on the second map.

Now out of the tournament, Vitality will have to go back to training, especially since the VCT starts right after the LOCK//IN. The Bees will play their first match against Team Liquid on 28th March.