Team Secret recruits former Bren Esports

The Valorant Masters 3 Berlin is in full swing, yet only 15 of the 16 teams initially qualified are participating. Bren Esports did not obtain the players' visas in time. Following this incident, the Bren Esports roster left the organisation before being recruited by Team Secret.

Winners of the First Strike in South Asia, the Valorant team of Bren Esports was one of the Philippines' rising starts. The team performed well throughout the Valorant Champions Tour, winning several Challengers. The team even made it to the Berlin Masters with a 3-0 win over Paper Rex in the Phase 3 play-offs.

Unfortunately, after securing their place in this final stage, the team was unable to participate in the Berlin Masters. In a statement, Riot Games said that they were unable to secure visas for the Filipinos to travel to Germany. However, they still win the minimum amount of VCT points guaranteed to teams participating in the Masters.

A few days after this disappointment, the announcement was made on the Facebook of Bren Esports: the team has been released from its obligations towards the organisation. However, it seems that this decision follows the players' desire to leave the organisation, which could be at fault in the visa incident.

Now free of all commitments, the former Bren Esports players were quick to find a new team. Team Secret saw an opportunity to get into Valorant by recruiting one of the best teams in the world... and pocket some VCT points. Indeed, the rules of the competition stipulate that the championship points belong to the players and not their organisations.

It remains to be confirmed whether the team will raise its new flag on the South Asian stage or join the VCT EMEA, Team Secret's home region.