Team Secret and Leviatán eliminate Team Liquid and ZETA DIVISION - LOCK//IN Sao Paulo

The matches of Omega Group began yesterday and it's fair to say that the matches were not particularly even. In a landslide victory, Team Secret defeated Team Liquid, one of the European teams of the LOCK//IN São Paulo. On the same evening, Leviatán dominated ZETA DIVISION, the famous Japanese team of the Pacific League.

Team Secret dominated Team Liquid

After two rounds, Team Liquid lost to the team from the Philippines. Team Secret dominated in defence on Icebox. Only Sayf, in 12/2, managed to go up against them during this difficult phase for Team Liquid. Team Secret, perfectly at ease, allowed themselves to knife their opponents, to the great pleasure of the spectators. The first side ended with an authoritative 11-2 from Team Secret.

Following a pistol win, Team Secret saw a comeback from their opponents over six rounds. This sequence of events did not prevent the Asian team from scoring the last two rounds. A first match that ended with a 13-8 led by Team Secret.

New game, new map and yet the same pattern. During the first part of the match, Team Secret largely mastered the defence of the sites on Fracture. On Team Liquid's side, nAts was the bulwark against Asian domination. Thanks to their teamwork and individuality, Team Secret was once again in the lead before the side change.

After an early start to the second game in favour of Team Liquid, Team Secret ended up dominating the end of the game in Attack. Once again, Team Secret defeats the European team with a score of 13-7.

Leviatán eliminates ZETA DIVISION

The Argentine-Chilean team gave their opponents no chance in the first match. Leviatán was in the lead in the first part of the match. A domination due to the individual skill of each of its players. Ending the first side with a KDA of 19/5/13, Mazino presented an aggressive Omen that was just as effective as a duelist. ZETA DIVISION were quickly overtaken and the score of the first half was 10-2 for Leviatán.

After such a result in the first half, Leviatán only had to score three rounds to win the match. Which they did with ease in the second half.

Unlike the other matches of the day, the second match between Leviatán and ZETA DIVISION was not as quick. As well as the first part of the match ended with an equalizer. At the change of sides, ZETA DIVISION did not manage to counter Leviatán's offensives. Only two rounds away from victory, Leviatán was surprised by the awakening of its opponents. After such a close match both in terms of score and KDA of both teams, Leviatán finally eliminated ZETA DIVISION by winning the last round in attack.

As a reminder, the LOCK//IN São Paulo earns the winning team's region an additional spot in the Valorant Champions 2023, as well as training for the various VCT teams. Being a knockout tournament, Team Liquid and ZETA DIVISION are now out for the rest of the event.

Team Secret will meet Natus Vincere, favourite of the EMEA League and few remaining European teams on 25th February. As for them, Leviatán will face the winner between Vitality and Global Esports. To follow the LOCK//IN São Paulo matches, go to official Twitch channel of Valorant.