Team Heretics signs MiniBoo, RieNs and Wo0t for the VCT 2024

The Spanish organisation Team Heretics has announced the new players who will be joining its Valorant roster for the 2024 season of the VCT. The three young talents on the European scene are MiniBoo, RieNs and Wo0ts. The Kids Are Coming !

Back to the top?

The Heretics Team invests in Valorant esport from 2020 It's fair to say that it was one of the first companies to get involved with Riot Games' FPS. At the time, the team in place quickly made a name for itself, winning the Valorant First Strike EMEAbefore reaching the Final of the first ever Masters during the VCT 2021. Unfortunately, this success was short-lived and after a disappointing end to the season, Team Heretics joined the Spanish VRL the following year.

In September 2022, the organisation is back in the spotlight thanks to the franchise system and to its selection in the EMEA LeagueAlongside Fnatic and Team Liquid in particular. This new opportunity prompted the directors to review the roster. So they signed Boo and Zeek, as well as welcoming back AvovA.

The new line-up was ready to dominate the European scene in 2023, but not everything went according to plan... and the results have not been convincing. Team Heretics was knocked out in the first round of Lock In Brazilthen finished 8th in the VCT EMEA - with 2 wins and 7 defeats during the regular season - and finally missed out on the Valorant Champions by finishing at 5th/6th place in the Last Chance Qualifier.

The next generation is ready

Since AvovA has not been renewed, Weber has taken over as coach and m1xwell recently decided to concentrate on his career as a streamerTeam Heretics needed to recruit several players for 2024. The Spanish firm turned to three young European talents, namely MiniBoo18 years old, RieNs18 years and over Wo0t17 years old.

Dominykas Lukaševičius alias MiniBoois none other than the younger brother of Boo, the current team captain. Despite his young age, he already has a good deal of experience of the Valorant competitive scene, having played for GMT Esportsbefore joining Case Esports. With the latter, he won both Splits of Challengers Spain: Rising this year. Thanks to this acquisition, Team Heretics now has a talented duelist who can play Raze, Jett and Neon.

Enes RieNs Ecirli is also a regular in the competition. His name may not be unfamiliar to you, as he took part in Split 2 of the VRL France, in 2022, with Wylde. Prior to that, he won the VRL Turkey, Split 1, with his acolytes from Surrel Esport. More recently, he again dominated the Challengers Turkey, but with S2G this time. A true all-rounder, RieNs is at ease in the roles of Sentinel and Initiator. It's a real asset.

Mert Alkan aka Wo0t is the latest addition to Team Heretics. More of a flex player, the young Turk can wreak havoc with Neon, as well as providing support with KAY/O, Skye and Viper. He made his pro debut in the FireFluxbefore being promoted to the main roster. There is no doubt that he will offer his new team many strategic opportunities.

Can the two brothers and their comrades restore Team Heretics' reputation? If they qualify for the Madrid MastersBut only time will tell. In the meantime, this new mixed team will be taking its first steps in official competition at the EMEA Qualifier at the fourth edition of the Red Bull Home Ground. We can't wait to see what they're capable of!