Team Heretics is ready for VCT 2023

The quest for the title of Best World Team 2023 has led many franchised structures to review all or part of their their roster. Selected in the new EMEA League of the next VCT, the Spanish organisation Team Heretics is no exception. After the acquisition of mixwell, it recently announced the rest of its new players. AvovA is now back in his original team. In addition, the organisation can now count on Boo and zeek. The contract of Keloqz having been renewed, he will also wear the colours of the structure next year.

In the early days of the Valorant competitive scene in Europe, Team Heretics quickly established itself as one of the best teams in the region. At the time, they won the Valorant First Strike EU. Later on, it entered the first edition of the VCT, even reaching the final of the Masters Europe in phase 1. Lately, the structure has evolved in VRL Spain: Rising ; acircuit in which the team obtained rather average results.

In 2023, the organisation will return to the highest level of competition by joining the EMEA League, alongside teams such as Fnatic, Team Liquid and Karmine Corp. Determined to restore its reputation, it has put together a shocking roster by bringing together some members of former G2 Esports rosters.

More within a year, Team Heretics had acquired the services of Keloqz, a player the team has renewed for the next season. The latter will thus have the opportunity to play again with his former teammates mixwell and AvovA, who have been left without a structure due to the non-selection of G2 for the franchise. AvovA is no stranger to the field, having made his debut at a high level with the structure.

Another ex-member of the European giant, the so-called zeek. His time at G2 Esports dates back to 2021. He then went on to play for Acend, a structure with which he made his mark by winning the first ever Valorant Champions. Extremely versatile, zeek will be able to play on Sova or Skye, as well as Reyna or Raze; this will allow his new team to find the best strategies to win.

In order to dominate the European circuit, and why not impose itself internationally, Team Heretics will also be able to count on the skills of Boo, the new captain. He is also used to the competition, having played for the Giants and OG LDN UTD in the past.

By signing these four players, Team Heretics is now ready to prove its worth. The new team will face the other VCT teams in February during the season opening tournament in Brazil.