Team Deatchmatch in Valorant

As a beta phase dictates, Valorant doesn’t shine by the profusion of its content. The developers rightly focus on classic mode and competitive mode. This doesn’t mean that they’re not considering other game modes for Valorant in the future.

Questioned during one of his lives, the Rioter Volcano spoke about the arrival of a Team Deathmatch mode. He confirmed that development teams are considering this possibility in the more or less distant future.

Given the way he approaches it, it could very well be a Warm-up mode, comparable to warm-ups that precede the Counter-Strike games. But CS:GO also has its own Team Deathmatch modemode, so we can’t exclude that a similar mode will appear on Valorant. If ever there were one, this mode would certainly not be available at the release of the game, still set for this summer.

A Team Deathmatch mode mode would of course have no competitive ambition, but it would have many advantages for Valorant players. It initially removes the pressure and the imperatives of the classic mode. Death is not punitive and there’s no objective to keep an eye on. It’s therefore an excellent way to let off steam, which allows players in a bad mood to continue playing without impacting ranked games of other players.

It’s also a better shooting and reflexes training than the bot shooting test. Although the latter is very complete, it will never compete with combat experience in the field, against characters controlled by real humans.

Finally, it’s also a mode that could attract and satisfy more casual players. Some players just want to relax and have fun, with no competitive pretensions.

Anyway, adding a Team Deathmatch mode to Valorant could only have positive consequences, on paper at least. But we’ll have to temper our expectations since Riot already has a lot of work to do before being able to focus on additional modes. It’s, however, an idea that we shouldn’t exclude in the long term.