Team Deathmatch in Valorant: Finally?

In a recent video about the future of Valorant in 2023, Anna Donlon, the Executive Producer of the FPS, mentioned new game modes, including the Team Deathmatch mode. For the moment, the studio has not given any information on how it will work, nor a possible release date.

In an effort to provide an even more fun and rewarding experience for players, Riot Games is incorporating new game modes into Valorant. The studio began by adding Spike Rush, before revealing Escalation and Replication mode the following year. The developers have even created a special mode for the Christmas period, called Snowball Fight.

Since patch 1.05, all fighters can also train in games in Deathmatch. This particular mode rewards individual performance, and many players dream of Team Deathmatch. Still absent from the game, this mode has been in the works for some time. Already in 2020, the Rioter Volcano made mention of Team Deathmatch in Valorant.

While Riot Games hasn't said anything about it for a while, it has just resurfaced thanks to a Dev Diaries video focused on the year 2023. For almost six minutes, Anna Donlon and Andy Ho, Executive Producer and Game Director, respectively, discussed a variety of topics. They discussed the community's enthusiasm since the launch of the game, the VCT 2023 and new game modes.

So we'll see you soon. Maybe playing a new agent or a new map, in Premier or at a live event. Maybe checking out one of those new modes Andy was talking about, like Swiftplay, or the one I'm really excited about, our take on Deathmatch.

Anna Donlon

Her words are clear and indicate the future addition of a Team Deathmatch mode ; well, it is if we stop there in the words. A few seconds later, an external caller cuts her off to say that Andy didn't mention the famous Team Deathmatch. To which she replied "Andy didn't talk aboutTeam Deatchmatch?" Doubts persist. Is this a real project or just a joke? The joke track seems unlikely, and we want to believe that the Team Deathmatch mode will soon arrive in Valorant.

The Team Deathmatch mode is present in a multitude of games, including Call of Duty, Counter-Strike and Half-Life 2. No concrete information has been given on how it will work possible in Valorant. However, we can make some guesses thanks to these different titles and the Death Match mode.

Both teams will probably have to achieve a specific number of eliminations, higher than the 40 needed for solo play to win the game. It is possible that Riot will decide to not incorporating the capabilities of the Agents, so that players can focus on their aim. This would provide a particularly interesting mode for training before going into ranked games. Nevertheless, it would be a very interesting mode to practice before going to ranked games, whether the Agents have their abilities, the Team Deathmatch mode could prove to be extremely fun, and provide a good outlet for the more casual player.