Team Bramz wins the French Tap 2!

The second French Tap pitted two new Valorant personalities against each other through teams of amateurs. The teams of Bramz and HyP took care of 10 players before facing each other this Wednesday under the eyes of ZeratoR. Following this contested BO3, Team Bramz, with EMAN, AzoTe, Loud Beardy, Artroz and Makflip, won!

The ten players and their coaches met for the first time a week ago. Even though all participants are at least rated Diamond in solo, they have undergone special training with two professionals from the competitive scene in order to be trained in cooperation and strategy as 5.

Map 1 – Split
Team Bramz 136 Team HyP

The BO3 started on Split. Team Bramz took the lead from the start, if they owe the first rounds to their grouped assaults, they also owe them to the very timid defense of Team HyP. The latter seemed to want to play the retake all together, but were so tightly packed that the players were stepping on each other a bit. Bramz's team which had spread its players out effectively, only had to make a pincer attack to eliminate them all at once. Even though NewMattew and Aigle managed to take a few kills, the scrambling shoot-outs between the two teams were much more to the advantage of Team Bramz, in both Attack and Defense. The latter then won Split on a score of 13-6, so 9 rounds taken in Attack.

Map 2 – Haven
Team Bramz 1113 Team HyP

The clashes on Haven were much closer. Despite a clear advantage for Team Bramz in the first four rounds, HyP players seemed to click and regain their strength. Following a clutch from Baldi, who was able to defend the Spike alone against 3 opponents, all the players seemed more in sync and in tune with each other. They were also some great solo moves, such as eiiRo on Reyna or Aigle on Omen, who smokes the opposing Killjoy's turret with perfect timing so he can kill its owner, even though he could only rely on his ears to determine their positions. By winning five consecutive rounds, Team HyP was ahead on the scoreboard for the first time of the evening.

The rest of the map was a cat and mouse game between the various groups of each team. Many, many rounds were played with shoulder picks in angles and perspective advantage. The two teams stayed neck and neck and the tension was rising. Artroz, who was too focused on his strategy and aim, even forgot that his ultimate was available, much to his coach's displeasure. The game went into over-time.

In over-time, Bramz's team was too hesitant in defense. They were slow to enter site A where the Spike was already planted. Even though AzoTe managed to kill all the opponents, there was not enough time left to defuse the Spike. The final round of the map saw Team HyP defend so far that they were finally at the attacker's spawn. From there, Baldi and eiiRo managed to take three kills, causing the opponents to panic. Realising they had opponents on their flanks, the last two survivors of Team Bramz attempted a desperate assault on site A, but were picked-off by NewMattew and raid3n who were waiting for them. HyP Team then equalised in the BO3.

Map 3 – Ascent
Team Bramz 136 Team HyP

Both teams had put everything into Haven and Split during their training sessions. Finding themselves on Ascent was a real challenge to the players' preparation... especially that of Team HyP. Indeed, Team Bramz, on Attack, regularly took the advantage at the beginning of the round, pushing their opponents to play for survival rather than for the objective. The rounds went on without them finding a solution to the assaults of EMAN, imperial on his Killjoy and the use of his abilities. The Sage of Markflip was also putting up very difficult walls for Team HyP. Bramz's Team won the first 8 rounds of the map, which was a comfortable lead despite the last 4 points taken by HyP before the side change.

Despite some great actions from raid3n and NewMattew, Team Bramz was able to regain the lead in round 15. This time on defense, they completely locked down the accesses and every attack of HyP's Team was severely punished by Loud Beardy on Skye. Team Bramz was able to close out this BO by being as convincing as they were on Split.

In the end, it was both individual skills and the ability to combine abilities intelligently that enabled the Bramz's Team to win. If EMAN was named MVP of the match, scores were very balanced between each player, which proves their complementarity. Team Bramz was able to vary their Agent picks, while HyP preferred to stick to their comfort Agents. They also took the advantage of the fact that none of the players were comfortable enough with the Operator to dare buy one, radically changing the dynamics between defenders and attackers.

Congratulations again to the Bramz's Team, and salute to the HyP's Team for putting a spoke in our winners' wheel!

This was the conclusion of the second French Tap of Mandatory. But it will return, once again, with new coaches and new players. Stay tuned on Mandatory.GG !