Talon Esports has announced its roster for VCT 2023

With the creation of the new leagues for the VCT 2023, only 30 teams were selected. The structure Talon Esports has secured its place in the Pacific League. To participate in the next season is good, to impose yourself is even better! With this in mind, many structures have chosen to rebuild their team. Talon Esports is no exception. Recently, the organisation unveiled its five new players, who are among the best in Thailand. The team now consists of Crws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, JitboyS and Patiphan.

For all the structures selected for the VCT 2023, the objective is clear: to build the best possible roster. Sentinels has recruited two former world champions, for its part Cloud9 signed yay and Fnatic did the acquisition of Leo, to give just a few examples.

In the Pacific region, the competition will be tough. Talon Esports will have to compete against some very good teams to stand out, such as DRX, Team Secret and Global Esports. They are determined not to let themselves getting walked all over, the organisation has completely overhauled its team.

Next year, it will benefit from experienced players who are used to the very high level of Valorant, namely foxz, Crws and sushiboys. All three are former players of XERXIA Esports, one of the sixteen teams that qualified for the Valorant Champions. Before the 2022 edition, they had already participated in the previous year's Champions, under the colours of X10 Crit. In addition to these major tournaments, the players have already participated in various Masters, and have risen to the top of the Thai region.

They will be accompanied by a long-time comrade, as Patiphan will be back in service. This player used to play for X10 Crit before he took early retirement. So he too had the opportunity to test himself at the highest level of competition, and was considered an excellent player.

To complete its team, Talon Esports went directly to X10 Esports, by recruiting the duelist GarnetS. The VCT 2023 teams will consist of six players. JitboyS, who has played for FW Esports, will be the sixth man in the new roster.

With players who already know each other well and the desire to perform, this team could well create a surprise in the Pacific League. We can't wait to see what their training produces!