Stewie2K wants to become a Valorant pro

Many players on Valve's FPS eventually jumped on board and joined the Valorant community. After the mythical Shroud a few weeks ago, it is now the Legend Stewie2K who expresses his wish to join a professional team next year.

A Counter-Strike:Global Offensive legend

There is no doubt that Jacky Yip, aka Stewie2K, is one of the most talented and decorated players of his generation in North America. During his career on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he has worked with prestigious organisations such as Cloud9, MIBR or Team Liquid. With these renowned teams, he has participated and won more than one title, in addition to the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, the Zotac Cup Masters in the same year and the Intel Extreme Master XIV in Chicago in 2019.

After his time with Team Liquid, Stewie2K joined theEvil Genuises in 2022. Although he has participated in several tournaments with his new team, the results have not been very convincing, finishing for example 5/8th in the BLAST Premier: Spring American Showdown 2022. Recently, he even announced his retirement from the competition, to become a full-time streamer for the structure.

While he continues to play CS:GO, Stewie2K has also been playing Valorant for some time now. During his live chat yesterday, the player explained that he would be moving up the ranks on Valorant and try to get spotted for the next season.

Every day, I'll be on the stream, I'll be grinding ranked. I'm gonna try to get into scrims. And then, LCQ will happen, Champions will happen, off-season comes, franchising comes, Even if I miss franchising, I'm down to keep streaming, watch and be the student on the game, and get picked up. We'll try, we'll try, We'll see how everything turns out.


Some (very) nice actions!

At the moment, we don't know if the player has been approached by any organisation, but what we do know is that he is very good! We've selected a few recent clips for you, and the least we can say is: his level is already frightening...

Marshall > Operator

Jett's ultimate activated

Clean and efficient

Discover the Twitch channel of Stewie2K.