Playoffs start - VRL Finals

The VRL Finals started last week. After several days of competition, only 4 teams, out of the 7 qualified, were selected for the playoffs. Vitality, representing France, is still in the running for the title. The team will face FUT Esports in the second semi-final today.

Summary of the group stage

During the group stage, 7 teams battled it out for a place in the playoffs. In group A, Case Esports and Vitality won. In group B, Team Falcons floundered, leaving the field open to their two opponents, FUT Esports and Angry Titans.

VRL Finals - Fut Esports
Fut Esports - VRL Turkey Winners: Birlik
VRL Finals - Angry Titans
Angry Titans - VRL DACH Winners: Evolution
VRL Finals - Team Vitality
Vitality - VRL France Winners: Revolution
VRL Finals - Case Esports
Case Esports - Winners VRL Spain: Rising

Group A matches

The Spanish team Case Esports qualified without too much difficulty. The roster won its first match, 2-1, against EXCEL. He repeated the feat in the second match. Against Tenstar, Case Esports players were monstrous, and came out on top 2 to 0. In particular, they have dominated Bind, winning 10 of the 12 rounds in Defense. After only 29 minutes of play, the map was folded with a score of 13-2.

The story is quite different for the bees of Vitality. The team first faced Tenstar, a difficult match, lost 0-2. Their opponents were determined to win. They took Icebox 13-8, then crushed Vitality on Bind 13 to 2. In the lower bracket, Vitality then faced EXCEL. The match was particularly close, but the team eventually won 2-0.

The structure thus secured its place in the playoffs, in a rematch against Tenstar. After winning on Breeze, Vitality found herself in trouble again on Bind. At the changeover, Tenstar was leading 10-2. The correction seemed inevitable, especially as Tenstar won the second pistol-round. However, the Bees beat the odds. With a more than solid and remarkable Attack, the team managed to take the next 11 rounds. This rematch gave them the victory 13-11 and the ticket for the rest of the competition.

Group B matches

The first match in Group B pitted the players fromAngry Titans to those of the Team Falcons. Despite a very good performance on Haven, won 13-5, the Falcons finally lost 2-1. Facing FUT Esports, they were not more successful. The Turkish team dominated the match. On Ascent, the team only conceded 2 rounds out of the 12 played in Defence. In the end, after only 35 minutes, she signed her first victory, with the score of 13 to 4. The match on Bind was more suspenseful. At the changeover, the two teams were neck and neck, but again, FUT won. Final score : 13-6.

With this second defeat, Team Falcons was assured of not continuing in the tournament, unlike Angry Titans and FUT Esports. However, there was still one match left to play between these two structures. Although they fought hard, Angry Titans' players faced a stronger opponent this time. Driven by qw1, who ends with a KDA of 49/23/9, FUT Esports emerged victorious 2-0.

The playoff semi-finals

So 4 rosters will compete for the title of VRL Champions. The first playoff matches take place today.

2nd August - 4pm (CEST)Case Esports2 - 1Angry Titans
2nd August - 7pm (CEST)Fut Esports0 - 2Team Vitality

If you want to follow these matches, you can go to VALORANT's Twitch channel. See you at 4pm!