Split will return in Valorant patch 6.0

Lately, Riot Games has been announcements concerning the future of Valorant. For example, we learned not long ago that Chamber would undergo many changes with patch 5.12. Even more recently, a new release has been fuelling conversations on social networks. In it, the studio reveals that Split will be back in January with patch 6.0. As for Breeze and Bind, they will leave the map-pool, with no return date set for the moment.

With upcoming changes to Chamber, it is likely that the current meta will be somewhat altered by the end of December. However, revising some of the strategies will not be the only goal for professional and competitive players in the near future.

His return was much sought after by the community. Lovers of Split, rest assured, you'll soon be able to step on it again. As explained by Joe Lansford, Level Designer for Valorant, the map will return to the map pool in January , in patch 6.0.

In addition to readjusting your game plans to the new way Chamber works, you will need to take into account the changes that have been made to Split. For the moment, we do not have any details about the transformations of the map. All will be revealed in due course at the beginning of the year.

While Riot Games has not provided any information on this, this does not prevent us from considering redesigns, such as we did with Fracture.

For example, the central part at Vents could be revised. Instead of ropes, the designers could put two ramps, in order to simplify the transitions between sites. The addition of teleporters on the map would be a nice surprise. One can also imagine that Vents is replaced by a full zone, with a connection between the Towers of B and A via teleportation. Obviously, this would mean redesigning the middle part so that defenders could keep a line of sight on attackers approaching the Tower.

On the other hand, access to A's Tower from the site, for example by means of a rope, would be interesting. This would allow the defenders to get to B more quickly if needed, or give the attackers a good way to put pressure on the person guarding that area.

These are, of course, just guesses, and many other things could be changed on Split.

Split will return in Valorant with patch 6.0 - valorant database map split 1 1 -

In its press release, the studio also reveals two other important pieces of information:

  • Bind and Breeze to be removed from the map pool (in competitive and unrated mode) but remain available in Spike Rush mode.
  • Both maps are likely to be subject to simplification, in the future.

According to Joe Lansford, the idea would be to simplify the space on Breeze, while the use of Bind's teleporters would be of concern to the developers. Both maps will return to Valorant at some point, but the date is currently undefined.