Something joins the Paper Rex roster

Only Russian player in the Pacific League, something caught the eye of Paper Rex, one of the Valorant Champions Tours 2023. Following their defeat against Cloud9 at Lock In, Paper Rex has revised its roster before the start of the VCT: Pacific League.

Active since 2020 on the scene, something has always participated in tournaments in the Asia-Pacific region. It is with the team Zarplata that the young player developed in his early years. He then moved on to a new team, Insomnia, with which he participated in the VCT 2021. A short-lived course which motivated his departure for a new training the following year: BLUE BEES.

In the middle of the VCT 2022, something is once again spotted by a structure, Sengoku Gaming. A recruitment that did not allow him to qualify for the Valorant Champions, for the second time. However, something persevered with Sengoku Gaming until the Challengers 2023.

After a qualification assured for the Split 1, something and his teammates reached the third place in the standings, which ensured their presence in the playoffs. Despite the impressive performance of the Russian player in the last game, the team finished at the doors of the final. After 5 maps were played, the Russian player scored a total of 136 kills, largely superior to the opponent duelist (94 kills). This performance shows the difference between something and the other players of the VCL: Japan. Just as efficient on Reyna, Jett or even Raze, the young player was quickly spotted and integrated into the Paper Rex team.

Sixth player in the active roster, something is likely to be in the mix for the Pacific League. With the Raze of Jinggg, the Jett of f0sakeN and the Russian player's Reyna, Paper Rex is equipped with an explosive roster for the future of the VCT 2023. It remains to be seen whether something will fit into the team's game plan when they take on DetonatioN FocusMe this Saturday 25th March at 11am.