Some movement at BDS

This week marks the end of the BDS adventure for two players of the French organisation. Guillaume Kalka aka GatsH and Dylan " hoppY " Aube, who has been benched for a month now, are looking for new opportunities.

History of BDS roster

At this point in time, Team BDS is one of the best French teams on Valorant. Initially, the members of the team made their name on the competitive scene under the name of Opportunists. This former team had distinguished itself by winning several Nicecactus Valorant Series and the Shooting Stars tournament notably. The organisation Dfuse quickly saw the potential of the 5 players: logaN, rodeN, AKUMAAAAA, TakaS and hoppY. The collaboration between these two parties gave birth to the DfuseTeam. After several months of competition, at the end of March, the team disbanded and the players put on the Opportunistes jersey again.

This talented team was not left unorganised for long, as the organisation BDS signed the entire roster last April. Under these new colours, rodeN and his teammates reached the third-place play-off of the Challengers 2 Europe during the VCT Phase 2. Also, during the Spring Qualifier of the Valorant Open Tour France, they finished 7th/8th, but came back stronger during the Summer edition and won.

At the end of July, BDS decided to extend its team with a sixth man, GatsH ex-player at Edelweiss Esports. This extended roster made it to the Challengers 2 Europe play-offs during VCT Phase 3, but was eliminated by Fnatic in the lower bracket.

hoppY and GatsH on the way out

After three months with Team BDS, GatsH announced his departure via Twitter. During the Challengers 2 Europe, GatsH showed his flexibility by playing both Sage and Jett, his main. In his announcement, he explains that he is even more versatile and is therefore open to the roles of Controller, Sentinel or Duelist.

His colleague hoppY also announced his future departure via a Twitlonger. We understand thatafter a month benched, hoppY is eager to return to competition. The player expresses his wish to continue his esports career on Valorant above all, whether in Europe or in another region.

After that little break i'm more than ever angry to compete. I can play all smokers and initiators but i'm willing to try and learn all roles if it's needed.

hoppY - TweetLonger

By winning the Summer Tournament of the Open Tour France, Team BDS has secured a place in the final phase of the tournament which will be held in December. The organisation will therefore have to find one or more substitutes to participate. Who will join the roster? We are left in suspense.

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