A little history for the new Sarmad skins collection

The latest collection of skins had an ultra-futuristic cyberpunk feel to it. For this new bundle, Riot Games has gone back in time to the Pharaohs. Show your supremacy with Sarmad cosmetics! Also, the studio invites you to learn more about the ancient times, in an interview with Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Archaeologist Egyptologist.

Wealth in your hands!

While it is not uncommon to see a skin for the Vandal or for the Phantom, it is less common to have both in the same bundle. You will be able to enjoy the gilding, the luxury, and the Egyptian gods on different weapons in the game:

  • The Vandal
  • The Phantom
  • The Frenzy
  • The Spectre
  • The melee weapon
Skins Sarmad

Another special feature of this set, and this is a great first in the Valorant skins, the melee weapon is available in two formats. With the basic version, you will have one blade, but with the premium version (10RP extra), you will have two separate blades. This double blade offers a different feel to the single knife, but the damage is the same as with other melee weapons.

The whole bundle will cost you 5 100 VPs, you can also buy each item separately if you are not particularly interested in some of them.

Between skins and history

Riot Games is increasingly offering more content around the FPS to enrich the player experience. For example, the studio recently published an article about the creation of the Agent Fade. Today, and for the Sarmad collection, Riot invites all gamers to (re)discover ancient Egypt in an interview with Dr. Mohamed Youssef, Archaeologist Egyptologist.

This cultural moment makes it clear that the cosmetics set does not have a random name. Sarmad, in Arabic, means Immortality. The developers have thus created a direct link with ancient beliefs. Indeed, if the Egyptians considered death as an inevitable stage, they also firmly believed in eternal life, post-mortem.

Also, you can learn more about the different elements embedded in the weapons, which are in fact direct references to various Egyptian deities. For example, the rear of the Phantom echoes the feathers of the god Horus!

If you want to wear this beautiful collection, you'll have to hurry! The collection is only available for 12 days, starting today.