Solary unveils its Valorant team for the 2024 season

This weekend, Solary unveiled its new team Valorant for the 2024 season! The organisation is determined to prove its worth this time round, mixing old players with new faces for an explosive mix.

Solary launched on Valorant at the Split 2 of the VCL France 2023 by recruiting players from Heet. After a long and complicated season, the team finished on top of the table. 8 wins and 10 losses which put them in 7th place overall, just one point away from a playoff place. The club parted company with its players over the summer, but is now back with a brand new line-up.

So, if Laurent " memset "Werly and Thach Kinguyen "Nguyen are back, and Tom is back too". APO "Bonnion, former Mandatory player who has also played for GentleMates. Solary has also acquired the services of Sammy " iDex "Weghe as captain. This Belgian player has been prolific on the French-speaking scene since the launch of Valorant, notably officiating for the team Sector One in 2022, before joining the Spanish VCL for the 2023 season, playing for UCAM Tokiers. To complete the roster, they welcome Ethan " Sevire "Starke, Wylde's former player and the only English-speaking member of the team.

While we wait for the VCL 2024, we'll be able to see what this new Solary team is capable of. at the Mandatory Cup 2023 !