Solary benches Amilwa

For several weeks now, Solary joined the Valorant sports scene by signing Kinguyen, b2kk, memset, juseu and Amilwa. The latter was still in the role of Captain last week, but this period is now over. Yesterday, at the end of the day, the organisation announced his removal from the active roster for the rest of the season. However, this sudden decision was not taken by chance. In the official press release, the organisation mentions behavioural problems, not compatible with his status as a team leader.

Amine Saidi, for his part, has fully assumed his responsibility in this situation, and took the opportunity to apologise to his teammates:

It was the best solution to give the team a chance to qualify because it was becoming too difficult to continue together. My willingness to give it my all caused me to behave excessively. I apologise to my mates, Solary and the fans.

Amilwa - Via Twitter

To continue the Split 2 of the VCL France : Revolution, Solary was forced to replace the player. With the League's current regulations, it is elemeNt, the team's current coach, who has been given the vacant slot. Determined to "do everything to represent Solary properly on the server". since joining the French club, there is no doubt that he will give his all to help his teammates reach the playoffs.

At the moment, Solary has 6 wins and 7 losses, results that place it in seventh place of the regular season standings. Kinguyen, b2kk, memset, juseu and elemeNt still have a chance to be one of the six teams selected for the next stage, as there are still five return matches to be played. During their next match, scheduled for this Saturday 13th May, they will face 3DMAX.

To follow this confrontation live, go to the Twitch channel of the French Valorant league.