Skye, Valorant new Agent

Valorant Act 3 is getting closer and Riot Games is stepping up. After unveiling Icebox, a brand new snow map, today they introduce the next Agent, Skye, along with an overview of her skills.

The teasing was short-lived, as we got to see Skye's face yesterday, in the Act 3 news schedule. This time, we know her name and get a glimpse of her abilities.

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Skye's Abilities

Skye appears to be some sort of a chaman capable of summoning different spirits of nature.

Her first ability summons a bird which flies away before exploding and blinds opponents. Unlike Breach and Phoenix flashes, thiss ability doesn't seem to be dependent on surrounding obstacles.

Her second ability is a heal area capable of healing multiple allies at once. This ability makes Skye a serious contender for Sage, though we imagine she must have her weaknesses.

Her third ability summons a sort of wolf. Skye seems to take control of the wolf, much like Sova and his drone. Its vision seems limited, but its speed increased. The wolf can bite its opponents and inflict them a debuff.

Finally, the last ability seems to summon three jellyfish. Skye's line " Seek them out!", these jellyfish automatically stalk opponents on the map.

We will have to wait to know the specifics of each ability before being able to make a final judgment on Skye. But in a meta where Sage had to be nerf and Breach shines more and more, it's hard to see how Skye will not be able to establish herself as one of Valorant's most popular Agents.