SK Gaming launches on Valorant

An iconic structure in the world of esports, SK Gaming starts a new adventure from today. The group has unveiled its very first Valorant roster and announced its participation in the DACH Challengers.

From Quake to Brawlstars, including Counter Strike, League of Legends and Warcraft 3, SK Gaming has been involved in esports for almost 25 years. And what's certain is that the organisation has no intention of stopping any time soon! Around two months ago, it announced that it was doing its launch on Valorantthe FPS from Riot Games.

Now, after several weeks of silence, it is finally revealing its players. SK Gaming called on Meddo, murii, Click, Bati and Felix to represent it on the official German circuit from the end of January. A solid roster, made up of experienced players, some of whom have already played at the highest level of the competition.

Meddo was a finalist in the BLAST Twitch Invitational with FPX and took part in the VCT in 2022, when he played for G2 Esports. murii, Click and Felixare among the best German players in the VCL DACH. As for BatiHe dominated the Portuguese league last year with his SAW team-mates, even reaching fourth place. at the Ascension tournament.

Alongside his new comrades, he may just be able to secure a place in this year's final, and why not go all the way to the EMEA League in 2025. But... before they get there, they'll first have to prove themselves as a team in the DACH Challengers.