Sign up for the Valorant beta on consoles

After several years of workRiot Games has made it official porting Valorant to consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The title will initially be available via a limited beta, for which you will need to register in order to take part. No crossplay in sightPC and console players will have two separate search queues.

Valorant coming soon to Xbox and Playstation

Riot Games has never hidden its desire to make Valorant a multiplatform title. Starting in 2020, Anna Donlon indicated that the portage was well and truly in the pipeline but that it was conditional on the player experience being more or less the same as on PC : "If we feel we can bring the same experience to these platforms, we will. But we really want Valorant to correspond to a certain type of gameplay and a certain gaming experience".

While the studio has refrained from communicating openly on the subject for some time, we have nonetheless obtained more information fromIn particular through job offers published in November 2022. These indicated that "Millions of players can't wait to play VALORANT, if only it were available on the platform of their choice.

Once again, the company expressed its desire to retain the DNA of its FPSdespite the move to another platform "You will be responsible for maintaining the design principles that define VALORANT on PC while transforming them into the benchmark tactical shooter for consoles"..

After several years of hard work trying to make his title and playable with a joystickThe goal seems to have been achieved. Last Friday, Riot has finally announced the release of Valorant on Playstation and Xbox.

In reality, this is not a definitive exit, but rather a way out. a limited beta phasewhich will begin 14 June at 10pm. Riot Games has not yet announced an end date, simply because the aim of the beta is to check that the portage work has been carried out properly. As a result, the studio will only close the beta when the developers "will be sure of the progress of the game".

How do I register for the beta?

Ever since the first lives dedicated to Valorant in 2020, you've wanted to play it, but as console gamers, you've had to wait and see. But the wait is coming to an end! Today, Riot Games is giving you the chance to try out its FPS on consoles, provided you have a PS5 or an Xbox Series S or X.

You need to register for the Valorant beta on consoles

To participate in the beta, you must register via the registration page. This requires you to have an active Riot Games account that has not been permabanned. Please note, registration does not guarantee access to the beta. The FAQ states that "From 14 June and for the duration of the beta, you are likely to receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access it if you are invited.