Shroud could stay on the Valorant competitive scene after the NA LCQ

Just over a fortnight ago, Sentinels announced the signing of Shroud. In his interview, the player explained that he would be joining the team for the NA Last Chance Qualifier as the fifth player. Yesterday, he stated in a stream that he could continue his professional career beyond this tournament. However, the former CS:GO legend said some conditions.

At present, Sentinels is not qualified for the Valorant Champions. The structure still has one last chance to join it, if it wins the North American Last Chance Qualifier, which takes place from 4th to 14th August.

In order to give itself the best chance, it recently managed to sign Shroud, the legendary CS:GO player. At the time of the announcement, no information was given about the player's future after this tournament.

This has now been done, as Shroud himself explained in a stream his desire to continue on the professional scene Valorant.

In this sequence, he explains that this continuation at professional level is possible, if several conditions are respected:

If franchising is a thing, if it's in LA, where I live, there's a very good chance I will continue to play professional Valorant.

Shroud - Sentinels Player

The franchise mentioned by the player is no secret. Some time ago, Riot Games announced that Valorant esport would change in 2023. Among the developments communicated is the creation of leagues, in which teams selected and paid by the studio will compete.

While Shroud is now a full member of Sentinels, he added thathe did not know whether he would continue with this team or not, in the event the team does get selected in the North American league.

Is it with Sentinels? I don't know. Are they in franchising? I don't know. I have no idea.

Shroud - Sentinels Player

Could Cloud9, his long-time stable, be another option for the player? Suspenseful. In any case, the structure that signs him will benefit from an undeniable talent.

With the Last Chance Qualifier NA approaching, the team met at a bootcamp, which Shroud attended. According to him, this was the "best way to integrate the team quickly and understand how it works. The players will be able to show what they are capable of in the near future. Sentinels will play their first match of the QCL against The Guard on Thursday 4 August at 10pm.

If you want to follow this match, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel.